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Office: Electromagnetica Business Park, Calea Rahovei nr. 266-268, sector 5, Bucuresti
Hangar: Bucharest - Clinceni Airfield, Str. Aeroportului, nr. 102, Comuna Cornetu, jud. Ilfov
Mobile: +40 722 537 331
Fax: +40 217 251 920

Chemical Department

EMROM AVIATION Chemical Department provides:

  • Chemical reagents of romanian origin and imported
  • Laboratory Glassware, ceramics or plastic items
    • - Volumetrics: flasks, pipettes, burettes, measuring cylinders, etc.
    • - General use: Berzelius and/or Erlenmayer glasses, round bottom flasks or flat separating funnel, watch glass, crucibles, mortars, pestle, cylindrical glasses, graded pipettes and cylinders, plastic beakers etc.
  • Supplies and laboratory instruments: quantitative and qualitative filter paper, tweezers, clamps, spatulas, tripod, ceramic grid, Bunsen and Teclu gas lamp, chronometer, densimeter, rubber pear etc.
  • Specialized adhesives for shoe, auto, textile and typography industry etc.
  • Labor protection equipment (Safety equipments): protective eyewear, antichemical suits, protection masks etc.

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